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candle-fire-light-85254.jpegIt’s past midnight in an Eastern European country. 2017, checked in a vintage calendar. White night ahead and behind. I’m eating dark chocolate, melting in the light of a orange scented candle. Perfect. Just the way this blog is not meant to be. I’m writing in another language than my mother tongue. After all which is my mother tongue? What if I feel closer to my “father tongue”? I’m the seed of love, even though the peoples I belong to, and I don’t, are mistakenly hold as enemies, by those who have never attempted to pass through the dirty glass wall of prejudices. It should be simple as: “Come closer, take a bite of chocolate!” But it’s not, because society keeps repeating us that chocolate is not allowed at midnight! Just as beginning a blog should be a serious business, right? Write something inspiring, meaningful! Write for others, check what’s “hot”! Choose a catchy title! The internet is overloaded with advices “How to start a blog”, “tips from blogging experts to newbies”, “blogging mistakes”… Why turning even simple pleasures like writing into complicated, unnatural, commercial projections? This “blog” is meant to be written (if it’s meant to be at all) in moments like this, when there is noting else, but chocolate. It doesn’t have a reason or purpose. Or maybe I’ll find them on the road. If there is going to be any road…

Good night my dears from sweet and bitter parts of the world. Remember, you are not alone, there’s (almost) always chocolate… at any hour you crave!


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