Haunted midnight

No chocolate, just me an my Fears tonight. Determined and stubborn to stick together. We avoid eye contact, knowing that such a reckless act would bring an end to our harmonious relationship, would shed some light in the dark night. We despise each other yet depend on each other and we like darkness. Dark chocolate. Oh only if I had some. Bitter sweet and rebellious. Once upon a time my Fears were insecure every time I opened a dark chocolate tablet… they were aware that their darkness could not compete against the sweet dark. And they trembled every time they heard the ironic whisper and the shiny touch of the tinfoil. However, I raised them intelligent, though not intelligently… kind of spoiled kids. They occupy your mind and transform you from a butterfly to a night moth. I should consider having a nanny these nights… Nothing is as it used to be anymore. It’s called evolution. I’m confused. And consumed. My Fears are changing too. They are more and more rational, adapt themselves easily. And they like to keep me company in the midnight. Such admirable fellows! They never let you in the dark alone. Should be grateful, right? I feel we are getting closer to each other day by day, night by night. Dangerously close to resists the temptation to look into each other’s eyes… Does it worth the risk? If the only way to know what you have is to loose it… Maybe another midnight. I will buy chocolate for such a special occasion. In the meantime I’ll close my eyes. Good night sweet butterflies! 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The PuRRR says:

    Try Dairy Milk Chocolate frozen from the freezer at midnight. Thank me later!


  2. wow, hauntingly beautiful. Such a fascinating analogy. Beautifully written!


  3. He likes dark chocolate, but the dark night haunts him. Who would ever believe that water can make a fish edible? The children are stubborn sometimes, but most times you can’t do without them.


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