Midnight symphony 

 I’m writing in the dark, to share pieces of my heart with whoever is willing to receive them, piece by piece, one by one. I’m lying in my bed with the window wide-open, embraced by soft covers and fresh air sneaked in through the curtains. It’s raining in a soothing symphony. Every cell of my body is vibrating to the falling raindrops’ music, like the cords of a guitar, filling me with a sense of fullness, completeness. My eyelids are heavy, begging me to stop writing and loose myself completely in this moment, enjoy the symphony. I’m present… and my strong desire to make sense of this magic and live it in its fullness push my eyelids against gravity. How could I fall asleep when every piece of me is enchanted? Yet how can I continue writing when every thought takes me farther from the magic, awakens my mind and silents my soul. I’m trying to keep a fragile balance, risking to lose all. Including my sleep. And the symphony…

Oh butterflies we won’t turn into moths tonight! We’ll absorb the light stored up in every tiny raindrop, hydrate our thirsty souls and spoil our ears with a music only nature can play. We’ll release the restricted inner peace and happiness sprung from “nothing” yet everything. I found it in the rain, cool air and cozy bed tonight… open your hearts sweet butterflies and have a peaceful night!

With love,



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