A leap of faith 


Today was the first time when the painful ghost of the Past could not hurt me anymore. I planted seeds of faith in my heart, they shine through my wounds and comfort me. From now on I will climb on the ruins I’ve created and close all the open wounds. 

I have God in my soul. It embraces me with love and trust. Now I can do anything, I can hope again. I can love again. I can love myself with all my heart. May this be a prayer to never lose hope again, a prayer to have faith and embrace the uncertainty of tomorrow. A prayer for my soul and for all those lonely souls who strive to survive pain. We are not alone. We are loved, cherished and given the chance to make a change in this world. Even as little as a smile. A smile can change the world. Can hug a sad soul. 

We shouldn’t let our hearts empty of love, empty of faith and hope. A leap of faith can save our souls from despair, can soothe our hearts and take away the weight of all our problems. A leap of faith saved me, filled my soul and body with positive enery. I’m deeply grateful for my leap of faith. Now I can walk away with dignity, with my heart lighter, I can close the door behind me. I can dance in the rain, despite all the rain. Because I trust, I have faith that everything will be ok. 


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