I should not write this…


I have a super busy schedule these days, yet I’m hardly finding my motivation. This heat is  killing me and my concentration. I’m procrastinating a lot! Help! I feel that I’m working at half of my capacity and it’s really frustrating. I can’t work and neither sleep decently. No air conditioning here. There’s no breathable air. This heat doesn’t fit my region. I’ve just taken a shower after several unsuccessful attempts to define the core idea of the project I’m working at. The fourth one today. Shower. I drank a coffee in the afternoon, I should have not. I knew it but I still drank it. I won’t sleep tonight. Oh.. I’m getting hungry now. I had pizza today, although I promised myself I will eat healthier and start working out from today. I’m allowed to do yoga again. Yeeey! But this hot weather suffocates me… I’m afraid my determination will vanish. Bye bye flat abs! Hello tons of ice cream. Chocolate ice cream, of course! And curves. Gosh! See how illogical I got? Blame it on the heat! Blame it only on me. Don’t blame it at all. Go to sleep, or enjoy your breezy evening and cool drink. I’ll just continue being inefficient tonight. Blaming myself, then blaming the heat, my phone (from which I’m writing this post). I should not write this, I should work or at least go to sleep to wake up fresh and energized in the morning and successfully complete what I aimed to do tonight. 


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